TITA Spices



Trekking and camping in the wilderness are in great demand now. We can trek in an open terrain to observe wildlife in the hills and valleys sprawling all around. The landscape gives a perfect wilderness experience. A moment with this pristine jungle is a dream of any nature lover. By trekking we can reach Siruvani and Bhavani rivers to take a nice bath. During trekking, we can also experience the food, music and dance of the tribals as well as the keralite. One shall not celebrate the day in TITA SPICES, but experience it, understand it and if you are listening keenly enough you will hear the faintest heartbeat of every creature even in the silence.

Many tourism places are also nearby – Silent Valley National Park (20KM), Chemmanur Malleswaran Tribal Temple (15KM), Keerippara is a vantage point (15KM), which can be reached through Mukkali-Keerippara road and through Mandanpotti-Keerippara trek path and Poomala-Keerippara trek path and the combination of these routes will take you through a mosaic of landscapes from rain forest to deciduous forests and then to rolling grasslands.

Ancient Siva Temple Near Silent Valley – A Picnic Spot Near TITA Spices.

New Tent Camp, Near TITA Spices Farm